Mysterious fortune left at Moscow airport?


Could it be Saddam’s mad money? Gaddafi’s stash of cash?

The hunt is on for the owner of $26 billion stored at a Moscow airport, according to Russian media. 

How much room does that much money take up? It takes 200 pallets to hold all those euros, reports Moskovsky Komsomolets, popular privately-owned Moscow daily.

The mysterious Farzin Koroorian Motlagh, who carried a passport issued by Iran and supposedly works at a bank in the United Arab Emirates, shipped the money from Frankfurt  in 2007. He can’t be located.

The story may be missing, too. A spokesman for Sheremetyevo Airport tells RIA-Novosti, a Russia-owned news agency, that the story is nuts.

That hasn’t stopped the speculation. Britain’s Daily Mail picked up the story, and quotes an unnamed “security source” in Russia as saying the cash could belong to the Iraqi or Libyan leader.

But “another explanation is that this is Russian mafia money or the fortune of corrupt Russian officials but that has become  too dangerous for anyone to claim. It is a gargantuan sum.”

How big? It’s equivalent to the GDP of some countries.

h/t Business Insider