Brother, father surprised by returning soldier dressed as mascot



It was the mascot who made a touchdown at a high school football game in Brooksville, Ky.

Inside the polar bear costume was Army Spc. Justin May, 20, back from his nine months in Afghanistan, ABC News reports.

His dad is an assistant coach and his brother is a senior on the Bracken County High School’s football team.

“I was just totally blown away because I knew he was back in the states from Afghanistan, but I knew he had to go to Fort Hood for demobilization,” May’s father, Ronnie, tells “I had called him on the way to the football game to see how he was doing and asked when he thought he was able to come home. He said, ‘Probably about a week and a half,’ and the whole time he was right there at the school.”

You can watch video of the surprise here.