It seems like happiness is just a thing called Joe


Josef Stalin’s reputation is alive and well in his hometown. His statue is going back up, and his ugly mug is on coffee mugs.

In Gori, Georgia, the dictator’s purges — that sent 20 million people to gulags (where half died) — are once again “the victory of socialism,” the Wall Street Journal reports.

stalinvodkaAh, the good, old days of starvation and terror.

In a poll, 68% of Georgians considered Uncle Joe wise, a leader who brought prosperity and power to the USSR.

Besides, by resurrecting, so to speak, the local boy who made bad, his hometown hopes to attract more tourists.

The locals will be restoring a 20-foot statue of Joe to a place of honor at the town’s Stalin Museum. (It was ignominiously toppled only three years ago after standing tall for six decades in the town square. Think Saddam, 2003.)

“From our small town (Stalin) created a whole new Europe and was in the vanguard of history,” one of his most ardent supporters tells the Journal. “Why shouldn’t we have a monument to him?”

If you’ve always wanted a T-shirt or a mug with Joe’s face plastered on it, you’re in luck. The museum will be selling them and Stalin vodka, which will come in handy. You’ll probably be the one who needs to get plastered after touring exhibits dedicated to the homicidally paranoid Joe.