The South and the North rise again — in color


Jordan J. Lloyd of Dynamichrome has taken black and white Civil War photos and added color.

The effect of the color is shocking and immediate, though some purists may not appreciate the changes.

The tweaked photos were posted on the Colorized History on Subreddit. Here’s a sample. You can click on the image to see an even larger version.

Three Confederate soldiers rest on top of Seminary Ridge in Gettysburg in June or July of 1863. Photographer: Mathew Brady.



Bealeton, Virginia. Capt. Cunningham of Gen. T.F. Meagher’s staff. August 1863. 

Cunningham  bw


Cunningham color

Union Brig. Gen. David McMurtrie Gregg stands with the senior staff of his Federal Second Cavalry Division, possibly near Fredericksburg, Va., in June 1862. Mathew Brady.





h/t National Journal