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Could this be the Army’s chopper of the future?

y AVX Aircraft. They are offering a helicopter (also shown at the top of the article) with a fuselage shaped like a minivan powered by a stack of two main rotors on top and two fan-like propellers in the back

AVX Aircraft is one of four firms imagining a prototype Army helicopter. Those are two fan-like propellers in the back.

The Army wants to reinvent the helicopter: It’s looking for a fast, high and quiet daredevil, Foreign Policy reports.

The chopper should reach speeds of 265 miles per hour and able to hover at altitudes of up to 6,000-feet in 90+ degree temperatures but must be quieter than today’s helicopters.

Four companies are being asked to develop their designs. The Army wants two to be built and flying by 2018 and in service by 2030.

Bell Helicopter-Lockheed Martin team's proposed V-280 Valor tiltrotor. While both of these companies have a ton of experience building aircraft -- Bell actually builds with wing and engines for the V-22 -- they don't have a prototype of the Valor. The "3rd Generation Tiltrotor" will apparently "deliver twice the speed and range, with enhanced safety margins and hover performance at altitude," according to Bell's marketing material

Bell Helicopter-Lockheed Martin has proposed the V-280 Valor tiltrotor. The chopper would “deliver twice the speed and range, with enhanced safety margins and hover performance at altitude,” according to Bell.

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