George Washington drank here



A tavern where the Father of the Country once knocked back a stiff one and set up a temporary headquarters has been found under a onetime chain drugstore, Revolutionary War-era experts say.

The site in the Bowery, from the mid-1800s to 1911 a famous beer hall, is being demolished for a hotel.

It’s the last chance to solve “one of the great mysteries of New York City history,” preservationist Adam Woodward tells WCBS-AM.

Woodward poked around in the basement, “looked up and saw what looked to me like 18th-century hand-hewn and hand-planed joists and beams with extremely wide floorboards right above them,” according to the New York Times City Room blog. “I was thinking, I am standing in the cellar of the Bull’s Head.”

“After the English had marched up the Bowery and out of the city (in 1783), George Washington and Gov. (George) Clinton stopped at the Bull’s Head (tavern),” Woodward says.

“There are treasures inside,” David Freeland, an author and a historian, tells the City Room.