We have a problem, Mr. Spock



The Starship Enterprise couldn’t go too boldly, according to a comparison chart of sci-fi battleships, destroyers, science vessels, factory ships and interspace carriers.

Capt. Kirk’s pride and joy is positively puny … when shown beside starships from about 40 movies, TV shows and games in Dirk Loechel’s chart. Beam me up, Scotty, and put warp drive on stand by ’cause the only way the Enterprise can win is with speed and maneuverability.

“Star Wars has a much wider spectrum of ship sizes than, say, Star Trek or Babylon 5,” Loechel tells Foreign Policy. “The biggest surprise, though, has been Babylon 5. I really thought those ships were larger. And the Wall-E ships, which turned out significantly larger than I had thought from the movie.”

Get a closer look at the chart here.