Google maps Arlington National Cemetery

Patrick Fennie of Google carries a 50-lb pack on his back with a panoramic camera

Patrick Fennie of Google carries a pack on his back with a panoramic camera.  The Washington Post


Google is taking its street view concept to the greatest place of honor for those who served their country.

“This is a tool to explore the cemetery from your home. It’s not the same as being here, of course, but for so many who can’t afford or are physically incapable of visiting, this is a great tool to get a feel for Arlington and explore its rich history,”  Jennifer Lynch, a spokeswoman for the cemetery, tells the Washington Post.

A guy from Google strolled through the cemetery on Sunday with a backpack supporting 15 cameras encased in a green soccer-type sphere that popped up over his head

Online users will be able to zoom in to grave markers, or zoom out for a 360-degree view. No word on when Google will be finished with the project.