Little brother is listening


Updated: Turns out the eavesdropper is from Pittsburgh, too! Read the story by the Trib’s Salena Zito.

Bet you can’t guess what happens when a North Side native who was the nation’s top spook is snooped upon by a Kerry ’04 backer.

Snippets of Michael Hayden’s private phone conversation were blasted on Thursday over the twittersphere as his call to a Time magazine reporter was mis-overheard on an Acela train from D.C. to N.J.

The thrifty Hayden, riding in coach, was recognized by Tom Matzzie, a onetime activist who immediately began to live-tweet what he could glean from the conversation:


I wasn’t bashing, Hayden later insists to the Washington Post: “I didn’t criticize the president.”

But back to the Amtrak train:


What was Hayden thinking? Asked later about the “leak” of his conversation, he tells the Post: The tweets are a “[bull—-] story from a liberal activist sitting two seats from me on the train hearing intermittent snatches of conversation.”

But Hayden is from Pittsburgh, so when the former head of CIA/NSA realizes what is happening on the train, he gets up from his seat and confronts his shadow.

“Would you like a real interview?” he asks Matzzie.

“I’m not a reporter,” Matzzie says.

“Everybody’s a reporter,” Hayden replies.

The end result? A photo, and Matzzie’s “very nice conversation” with “a gentleman” and Steeler fan.