State Department did not let Benghazi guards carry weapons


Updated: “Morgan Jones” may not have been a witness.

Libyan guards protecting the U.S. mission in Benghazi were unarmed and terrified when the compound was attacked last year, a witness tells CBS News.

A security officer, a former British soldier hired to train them, is speaking for first time about the terrorist siege that ended up killing four Americans.

The witness, using the pseudonym Morgan Jones, tells Lara Logan on 60 Minutes that it was the State Department that did not allow his guards to carry guns.

As the attack began on Sept. 11, one of the guards called Jones at home nearby.

“I could hear gunshots, and I — and he said, ‘There’s — there’s men coming into the mission,’ ” the security officer says. “His voice, he was — he was scared.”

The terrorists told the Libyan guards: ‘We’re here to kill Americans, not Libyans,’ so they’d give them a good beating, pistol whip them, beat them with their rifles and let them go,” Jones says.

You can watch the report at CBS News.