In half the country, gun owners can take weapons to work


Would you feel safer if you could have your weapon close by at all times?

Laws in more than half of states mandate that an employee can bring guns to the work site as long as they’re kept inside a vehicle in the parking lot, NBC News notes.

Over the summer, guns-at-work legislation went into effect in Tennessee, Illinois and Alabama. And Pennsylvania, South Carolina and West Virginia have such bills under consideration.

A parking lot seems a long way to go if there’s an armed crazy person in the next cubicle or down the hallway. On the other hand, if your co-worker is nuts, it would take him a few minutes to grab his .45.

But how does management feel about the idea?

“We’re not particularly fond of state or federal mandates, regardless of what the issue is,”  Bob Carragher, senior adviser for state affairs at the Society for Human Resource Management, tells NBC. “There is a concern always about guns or access to a gun in or near the workplace, but the real concern we have is an employer’s right to decide what policies to implement in the workplace are infringed by these laws.”