In wargame, China wins


A writer on defense issues found a “harrowing lesson to be cautious about how we equip the U.S. military” when he played a new game that simulated a battle in the South China Sea and we lost.

Command: Modern Naval/Air Operations included an admiral and Naval War College staffers in beta testing in an attempt to simulate modern sea and air warfare.

USS FreedomKyle Mizokami writes in War Is Boring blog that China won the wargame because the U.S. “Littoral Combat Ships as configured were completely outclassed by their Chinese counterparts. The worst part: the Chinese didn’t even have to use missiles to defeat the Americans.”

Mizokami acknowledges the “inherent danger in reading too much out of commercial wargame simulations.” But as politicians pull on the Pentagon’s purse strings, “the dismal performance of the LCS’ anti-surface warfare module in our simulation is food for thought,” he says.

Photo: USS Freedom, a Littoral Combat Ship. The LCS lacks firepower, critics say. Photo courtesy of Defense Department

h/t RealClearDefense Morning Recon