W.Pa. woman believes in ‘for better, for worse’



The story of a Christian couple who married despite seemingly insurmountable setbacks is going viral.

It wasn’t just Ian Murphy’s car that crashed not far from the Armstrong-Indiana county line in 2006, Larissa Murphy writes on desiringgod.org. “Our future (crashed) with him in that white station wagon,” she says.

beforetheaccidentThe 21-year-old IUP students (left) had been dating for only 10 months. Now Ian had a traumatic brain injury and their lives were turned upside down. Larissa could have walked away from the relationship. Many young women would have. But she moved in with his family and helped care for him.

Still the prospect of marriage was years off. “If he could communicate with me,” she says, “then we could have a marriage knowing it would be really different. But as long as Ian could talk to me we could make it work.”

Ian’s condition remains so severe, his marriage required approval from a judge. “You two exemplify what love is all about,” Larissa recalls the judge telling them. “I believe that marriage will not only benefit you both but (also) our community. And (I) hope that everyone in this city could see your love for one another.”

Everyone here and beyond is now seeing it on the Internet. Larissa and Ian married in 2010; you can watch a video of their wedding and see what their life is like here.

Larissa blogs at Pray for Ian.

h/t Daily Mail