For guy from Green Tree, it’s a dog’s life


Gary Matthews aka BoomerThe story of a 47-year-old man who eats from a bowl on the floor and sleeps inside a “doghouse” is going viral, presumably because the “tramp” is now looking for his “lady.” He’s fond of  wearing a canine costume, but his long hair completes his casual canine look (left).

It’s a shaggy dog tale that’s been told before. A few years ago, a judge told Gary Matthews of Green Tree to stay when he sought to change his legal name to Boomer the Dog. And Matthews was featured on National Geographic channel’s Taboo: Secret Passions — “a man living in Pittsburgh believes he is a dog trapped in a man’s body.”

Matthews is now interested in puppy love, Cosmopolitan magazine reports. He wants to find  “a puppy girl” to go with him “on long, presumably leash-led, walks.”