CBS pulls report on Benghazi attack



“We were wrong,” 60 Minutes admits about a report on Benghazi that seemed to undercut the Obama administration’s narrative on what happened the night that four Americans were killed last year.

A security contractor — Dylan Davies, who used the pseudonym Morgan Jones on CBS — gave a gripping account to 60 Minutes of what he witnessed the night of the terrorist attack. Trouble is he wasn’t there, at least according to a report he gave to his employer shortly after the attack. The Washington Post revealed last week that Davies told Blue Mountain, the Britain-based contractor hired by the State Department, that he was unable to reach the U.S. compound that night.

This Just In recounted Davies’ story here.

The former security contractor did not respond to requests from news organizations on Friday for comment.

UPDATED: But The Daily Beast talked with Davies last week:

He told the Daily Beast he did not write the incident report, nor had he ever seen it: “I am just a little man against some big people here,” Davies said. “They can do things, make up things, anything they want, I wouldn’t stand a chance.” Davies said he did not know who leaked the report to the Post but said he suspected it was the State Department, an allegation that could not be independently corroborated. “It would not be difficult to do,” Davies said. “I knew I was going to come in for a lot of flack and you know mud slinging, so yeah I’d say it was them, but I can’t be sure.”

According to Nancy A. Youssef, a reporter in Cairo for McClatchy Newspapers, the CBS debacle shows that “14 months after jihadists stormed the complex and a nearby CIA compound – killing four Americans, including the ambassador – there’s still no accepted narrative of what happened.”