Good news! Arrow removed from deer’s head


SusanDarrahDeerwitharrowThe deer whose plight went viral this week when people saw the pictures of an arrow stuck in its jaw will be “just fine,” New Jersey Fish and Wildlife says.

State wildlife experts on Saturday afternoon were watching for the animal to make another visit to Susan Darrah’s backyard.

When Darrah first spotted the wounded young deer a week ago, she posted pictures on Facebook and called the authorities.

The state is in the midst of its fall bow hunt season. “I know a lot of hunters and I know that was nothing done intentionally,” Darrah told the Star-Ledger.

The state experts advised her to put out corn, apples and pears to lure the wounded animal back.

When the deer showed up again on Saturday, the Fish and Wildlife technicians shot it with a tranquilizer, removed the arrow and dressed the wound. As the tranquilizer wore off, the  deer got up and wobbled back to the woods behind Darrah’s property.

“I’m so excited! I’m so happy,” Darrah tells the Daily Record.

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