Christian university’s class president reveals secret


EricFrommEric Fromm, a senior at Northwest Christian University in Eugene, Oregon, posted something “a bit shocking” in the school’s newspaper: “I am an atheist,” he writes.

“I was an atheist long before I came to NCU. I was baptized Lutheran, and raised Methodist, but as time went on I slowly came to the conclusion that God wasn’t real,” he explains.

So why did the 21-year-old non-believer decide to go to a Christian college? “It had a solid communications program,” he says.

The most shocking part for Fromm was the reaction he received from his fellow students. “I was expecting for it to be non-accepting and I was very afraid of it,” Fromm tells ABC News. But people on campus have accepted him with open arms. “I actually have gotten more hugs than ever before. It’s a very strange thing,”