Canine climbs Everest



His name may not go down in history beside Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay, but a onetime  garbage-dump dog has become the first canine to reach Everest, or at least the base camp, the Daily Mail reports.

Joanne Lefson, a former pro golfer and columnist who has been devoted to rescue dogs, found Rupee earlier this year in Ladakh, a remote Himalayan region in the very north of India. Rupee was on his last legs even though he was only about 8 months old.

“When I saw him on that dumpsite he couldn’t have had more than an hour to live,” recalls Lefson, who’s from South Africa. “He couldn’t even walk ten (yards) without collapsing. … I could tell that but he was very weak from having no food and water for days, perhaps weeks.”

She nursed him back to health on boiled eggs and rice. Because Rupee was used to the higher elevation of the Himalayas, he doesn’t suffer from altitude sickness. Besides, it looks like he didn’t have to make the 10-day hike to the base camp the whole way by himself: