Oorah! No ‘girly’ cap for Marines

From left to right, the current men's cap that the Marine Corps has adopted; the female prototype of the men's cap; the current women's cap; the Dan Daly prototype for men.

From left to right, the current men’s cap that the Marine Corps has adopted; the female prototype of the men’s cap; the current women’s cap; the modern Dan Daly prototype for men.  |  Marine Corps  photo illustration.

Well, it would seem that the commandant of the Marine Corps paid attention to 91% of Marines who participated in a survey on what cap to wear, Stars and Stripes reports.

Sgt.Maj.DanDalyThe manufacturer of the cap that women currently wear is going out of business. To save money, the Marines decided to switch to one cap for both sexes.

The uniform board sent out a survey in October asking Marines whether everybody should wear the men’s cover or adopt a version of the women’s, called the Dan Daly cap in honor of the World War I Medal of Honor recipient (left).

That’s when the kerfuffle about “girly caps” started in the media. (Although, if you ask me, Daly doesn’t look very girly. The Dan Daly cap was standard headgear until 1922.) But Marines were clearly against it. One member of the uniform board called it “a porter’s’ cap.” (Eesh. Does Daly look to you like he’s about to carry your bags?)

The controversy led the the uniform board to pull the survey.

Of those Marines who had a chance to participate, 91 percent wanted the men’s cap to become the unisex cap,  Col. Todd S. Desgrosseilliers, president of the Marine Corps Uniform Board, tells Stars and Stripes. The  board recommended to the commandant that the men’s dress and service cap become standard for everybody.

On Friday, Gen. James Amos said: Make it so.

No doubt, somewhere Dan Daly is taking the news like a man.