The mortician tweets


CalebWildeTweet“A family funeral is not a great second date,” says a mortician in Parkesburg, Chester County. Just one piece of advice Caleb Wilde dispenses in his blog (Confessions of a Funeral Director) and via Twitter and Facebook.

His insights into the funeral home business, a family endeavor since 1888, have become so popular, ABC’s 20/20 has come calling — for an interview not a burial.

The 32-year-old’s posts, such as “Death Warmed Over: A Funeral Food Recipe,” have made some people think he’s too irreverent, including his granddad. “I don’t read it. I don’t think I’d like it,” he tells NBC News. He’s probably heard about Caleb’s selfie in a casket.

But his dad is a big fan.

h/t NBC News