This could throw photography a curve


PanonoIs Panono a ball or a camera? It’s both: a camera you throw. And from the first images I’ve seen taken by the 36-lens soccer-ball camera, its 360-degree panoramas could one day revolutionize the photos we upload to Facebook, Flickr and Instagram.

When you toss the camera into the air, Panono automatically snaps a photo at the ball’s highest point. It gives you an image that, for lack of a better comparison, is like having your own Google Street View.

This is a screenshot of Gizmodo trying it out.


And here’s a screenshot of the Eiffel Tower panorama from Panono.

Eiffel Tower

Polycarbonate material is supposed to protect the lenses if it comes down without somebody catching it. But part of the fun with its photos will probably be spotting “Waldo,” the photographer/thrower. When tech sites tested the camera, there’s always one goofy-looking guy with his arms — extended to the sky — waiting to catch it.

You’d view it on your smartphone, iPad or Panono’s cloud service.

It would retail for about $600, when it goes on sale about a year from now. But first, the German startup developing the camera is trying to raise money online to fund its production.

See Panono’s panoramas here.

The company has a YouTube video that explains how the camera works here.

h/t CNET