TipsForJesus leaves behind smiles, $54,000 in gratuities



A mysterious tipper who loves college football is living by the words “it is more blessed to give than to receive.”

Since early September, the generous soul has preferred to remain anonymous, leaving tips and posting images to Instagram under the account tipsforjesus.

How generous? Very. A thousand bucks on a $152 tab. $3,000 on a $87 receipt. The Daily Dot has done the math and tipsforjesus has shared the love to the tune of about $54,000, mostly in bars and restaurants in college football towns, ABC News notes. Tipsforjesus is no teetotaler.

Tipsforjesus is not answering queries from the media. And the restaurants and bars aren’t divulging the big tipper’s identity.

But tipsforjesus appears to be a real person. Under the handle @mrs_ewing_, an Instagram poster said that his/her Dad saw the big tipper at Legends in Notre Dame: “That was an awesome thing!” the poster said. “It gives me some kind of hope in humanity.”