Experts hopeful Alzheimer’s could be prevented within 5 years


Dr. Eric Karran, director of research at Alzheimer’s Research UK, tells the Daily Telegraph that a drug called solamezumab has shown promise in those with mild dementia.

“I am full of hope that we are going to have a breakthrough in five years,” Karran says.

Solamezumab did not produce effective results in patients with mild to moderate dementia. But Karran envisions that monthly injections could  prevent  the onset of dementia in those with, for example, a family history of the disease.

“If we can delay the onset by five years we could probably cut the numbers with dementia in half,” says Dr. Doug Brown, director of research and development for the Alzheimer’s Society. “And recent research evidence suggests this could be a possibility.”

American researchers are beginning a study that will test solamezumab’s effectiveness on the mild form of the disease.

Next week, a G8 summit of health and science officials will meet in London to discuss dementia.