Psst! Wanna buy a $1 million Picasso for $135?


Olivier Picasso, 52, with the prize: “L’Homme au Gibus” or “The Man with the Opera Hat.” | Photo by Chris Goodney/Bloomberg

Picasso’s grandson is holding a lottery for a 12-by-9.5-inch work by the modernist master. A ticket will cost you 100 euros or about $135, but the odds are in your favor.

The online raffle — which will raise money for the ancient city of Tyre, a World Heritage Site in Lebanon — has issued only 50,000 tickets. That means the odds are 50,000 to 1; the odds of winning $1 million in the New York state lottery are 3.8 million to 1, Bloomberg News notes.

“We have seen a lot of people buying three and four and five tickets,” Reem Chalabi of the International Association to Save Tyre tells AFP.

The 1914 Cubist gouache — entitled  “L’Homme au Gibus” or “The Man with the Opera Hat” — did not come from the collection of Olivier Picasso, 52, whose grandmother was the artist’s mistress, Marie-Therese Walter. An anonymous donor helped the Tyre association buy the work from a New York gallery last year specifically for this purpose.

If you win the raffle, you may have the Picasso in time to wrap and put under the tree. The tombola will take place on Dec. 18 at Sotheby’s in Paris.