‘Arabs Got Talent’ falls in love with American singer


A nice Irish girl from Boston has been wowing Arab audiences even though the 23-year-old classical musician doesn’t speak Arabic.

When Jennifer Grout sings, however, her accent is flawless, which landed her in the top three of Arabs Got Talent, a spinoff of Simon Cowell’s ubiquitous show which is filmed in Lebanon and broadcast across the Arab world.

“You don’t speak a word of Arabic and yet you sing it better than some Arab singers,” gushed one judge.

Her feat is more amazing because she has been studying Arabic music for only three years.

Unfortunately, the blond queen of Arabic music failed to grab the crown. Grout lost Saturday night to a Syrian dance group, but she’s become something like this generation’s Van Cliburn.

A sample of tweets from her Arab fans:


h/t Buzzfeed