I like Ike’s egg nog recipe


President Eisenhower’s personal egg nog recipe is a blast from the past that packs a real wallop.

Valoise Armstrong, an archivist at the Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum in Kansas, tells the National Journal that although the recipe calls for 1 quart of booze, World War II’s Supreme Allied Commander was a social drinker, not a tippler.

“He was pretty much a man of his generation,” Armstrong says. “He liked bourbon, he liked steak, he liked grilling. He even had a grill at the White House that he could cook on. I don’t know how many presidents have barbecued at the White House.”

You don’t need a time machine to make Ike’s egg nog, but it wouldn’t hurt. No longer can you go to the store and pick up a quart of bourbon, or rum or anything. So better grab two fifths, or a handle. And what the heck is coffee cream? Armstrong guesses that means half-and-half. But your guess is probably as good as hers.

By the way, the president himself underlined “very slowly.” Enjoy your Old-Fashioned nog.