Big lotto winner to give it all away


‘Tis the season for a man named Crist.

A retired Canadian businessman who lost his 57-year-old wife to cancer last year has decided that neither he nor his four children will spend a cent of his $40 million lotto winnings, the biggest jackpot in the country’s history, the Calgary Herald reports.

Instead, Tom Crist, who retired as head of an electronics company in September, will be giving it away, beginning with $1.2 million for the cancer center that cared for his wife.

“I’m fortunate enough that I’ve done well for myself … financially,” Crist says. “I don’t need the money.”

His friends tell CTV they are not surprised by his plans, and neither are lottery officials.

“Canadians as a whole are generous people,” says one official.

Crist won the Lotto Max jackpot in May, but waited until Monday to claim his winnings.

You can watch the CTV news report here.