Grab a hankie: From the grave, mother’s 3 wishes granted


When Brenda Schmitz, a 46-year-old mother of four boys, was dying of ovarian cancer two years ago, she composed a letter to a Des Moines radio station.

For 20-plus years,  KSTZ “Star” 102.5 FM has been granting Christmas wishes to listeners and Brenda was big fan of the show.

She gave the letter to a friend with strict instructions: Don’t mail it until her husband, David,  was in love again.

A couple of weeks ago, KSTZ got the letter and surprised David with it on the air.

BrendaSchmitzIn her letter, Brenda (left) thanks her husband’s new girlfriend: “I love you, whoever you are.” But she is especially concerned about her youngest, Max, who was only 2 when she died a couple of weeks later. “God, I will miss seeing him and the boys grow up to be fine men,” she says. Then she asks the station for “one small act” to help “their lives forever” and so that “they know I am with them always”:

  1. For her husband’s “new lifelong partner”: a day of pampering at a spa because as step-mother to “all those boys,” “she deserves it.”
  2. For her family: a magical trip.
  3. For her doctors and nurses: “A night out full of drinks, food and fun.”

The radio station has granted all her wishes. The family is going to DisneyWorld.

You can read Brenda’s letter here.

h/t Des Moines Register