‘Guardian angel’ surprises 8-year-old



A year after her “favoritest grandmother ever” passed away, an 8-year-old wanted to send a message to her Mawmaw.

So in August, Bella Hosford tied a note to a balloon and released it into the Chapel Hill, Tenn., sky.

“Tell Mawmaw I love her,” Bella wrote.

To the girl’s amazement, this month she got a reply in her mailbox. Bella found a locket, which contained what was left of her balloon, and her original note. On the back was this message:

“Dearest Bella, Mawmaw is always with you. Just close your eyes and you will see her. Love, your Guardian Angel.”


Bella’s mother, Tricia Hosford, was just as shocked and mystified as her daughter. “We stood at the end of the driveway for probably five, 10 minutes — just crying and embracing and just absorbing the moment,” she tells KSLA.

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