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WWII museum wants your mementos



Nearly seven decades since the end of World War II, you could still help the war effort.

The National World War II Museum has collected a wealth of items but remains poor in important areas, its curators tell AP.

The  museum has posted a wish list on its website. Curators stress that they are always interested in donations “with a good story.” So if you’d like to do your part, rummage around in that attic.

The museum needs:

Women Airforce Service Pilots artifacts: A WASP uniform, log book, flight jacket, etc., with information about who wore it or used it.

Axis pistols: Especially Beretta Mo.34; Star Modelo B, Astra 300; Mauser C96; Browning Hi Power (with German Acceptance Stamps), Polish P-35 Radom, Walther Last Ditch Volkspistolen, Sauer M38. Steyr-Pistole M 12

Black servicemen memorabilia: Tuskegee Airmen gear or clothing or other artifacts from those who served on the USS Mason — the first Navy ship with an African-American crew

World War II magazines: Editions of the Saturday Evening Post, Infantry Journal, Artillery Journal, Motornews and specific issues of Time, Stars & Stripes (no European Theater of Operations versions) and Yank.

Ration books: Covers manufactured by private companies such as banks. They usually contain patriotic messages about their part in the war effort.

A canteen: From the Battle of the Kasserine Pass in North Africa, where U.S. forces first fought German troops.

What the museum doesn’t need:

Feel free to leave your Samurai sword or Nazi flag to your great-grandchild. The museum’s website says it is no longer accepting those spoils of war.

Updated: If you wish to donate a ration book, etc., go here.

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