Texan to sell business to help sick employee


BrittanyMathisKHOUThe owner of a fine dining establishment in Montgomery, Texas, is ready to sell his restaurant to make sure an employee (above) gets treated for a brain tumor, The Courier reports.

Brittany Mathis, a 19-year-old who works as a hostess, waitress and bus-girl at the Kaiserhoff, was diagnosed in December. It was alarming news that was especially scary for her family: Her father died of a tumor at the back of his skull when he was only 33. Without health insurance, she hasn’t been able to find out whether the ping-pong size tumor is benign or malignant.

MichaelDeBeyerKHOU“I’m not able to just sit by and let it happen,” says Michael De Beyer (right), a German who also employs Brittany’s mom and sister. “I couldn’t live with myself; I would never be happy just earning money from my restaurant knowing that she needs help.”

De Beyer plans to auction off the restaurant, which he has run for 15 years and values at $2 million,  “at a reserve price (or minimum bid — 50 percent of the actual value) and anything above that will go to help Brittany.”

The Mathis family is overwhelmed by his generosity. “Michael has been a real blessing to our family,” Brittany says. “And he’s just always been there whenever we’ve needed anything.”

De Beyer will retire to spend more time with his wife and two kids, KHOU reports.

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h/t Daily Mail