Retired colonel who can’t find work would like to live in W.Pa.


The former Pentagon aide who got people talking last week when they heard he was homeless has read online comments and would like to clear some things up.

Retired Air Force Col. Robert Freniere, 59, tells the Philadelphia Inquirer he is grateful that he has gotten about two dozen offers for jobs after the paper published its story on how the onetime special assistant to Gen. Stanley McChrystal couldn’t make ends meet on his $40,000 pension. But he was less pleased to see some incredulous comments posted online.

Some wondered why he was getting only $40K when he was a colonel.

Freniere tells the Inquirer that his pension is “compensation only for injuries he sustained while on active duty.” He’s trying to find out whether he’ll get more retirement pay when he turns 60.

This Just In readers were among those with questions. Some thought $40,000 a year would be enough to live on in Western Pa. Evidently Freniere thinks so, too. He tells the Inquirer that he would like to settle down here or in New England.

He is still weighing his offers. In the meantime, he is couch surfing with friends in Somerset, Mass.