Father beseeches White House to bring POW home


Captured Soldier VideoArmy Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s father has started a White House petition to “take action to secure the release or rescue” of his son, who has been held captive, presumably by the Taliban-linked Haqqani network, for four and a half years.

This month, the Pentagon verified that it has acquired a video, shot about a month ago, showing Bergdahl, who was taken  June 30, 2009.

The circumstances of his capture are murky. He went missing after finishing guard duty at a combat outpost in a remote area of Afghanistan. Bergdahl was 23. The only American held by insurgents, he is believed to be in the tribal region of Pakistan.

The video may prove that the Idaho native is still alive, but officials said that the solider looked like he was in declining health. The U.S. has not forgotten him, they added.

“We cannot discuss all the details of our efforts, but there should be no doubt that on a daily basis — using our military, intelligence and diplomatic tools — we try to see Sgt. Bergdahl returned home safely,” a Pentagon spokeswoman said. “Our hearts are with the Bergdahl family.”

Late Friday, Robert Bergdahl tweeted a link to the petition to free his son “using all means available, including force.”

As of late Saturday, the petition had only a few hundred signatures. It needs than 99,600 more by Feb. 16 before it can qualify for an official response.

You can sign the White House petition here.

h/t ABC News