Updated: Taliban claim to have captured U.S. military dog. But he’s British.


FromTalibanVideoUpdated: The BBC is now reporting that the dog looking “mournful” in the video was working for British forces.

Original post: The Taliban have released a video showing what looks like a U.S. military dog, which they say was captured during a raid in eastern Afghanistan in December.

“This dog was named after a colonel,” one of the Taliban fighters says on the video, according to the Telegraph. “It had a flash light on it and its neck wore a GPS.”

The BBC correspondent in Kabul says the use of military canines has been controversial. “Dogs are considered unclean by Afghans,”  David Lyon reports.

Now that the Taliban’s “war trophy” has been paraded in front of cameras, the dog’s future “does not look good,” the BBC says.

A NATO spokesman tells the Marine Corps Times: “We are aware of the reports, but have no confirmed operational reporting.”

Updated: Read more about the captive Belgian Malinois here.