A first? Mexican tycoon allegedly spent half million on U.S. elections


Jose Susumo Azano Matsura, a Mexican billionaire/millionaire whose family businesses include construction and computer security, has been making headlines in San Diego for weeks.

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But the scandal is beginning to attract national interest,” Foreign Policy reports.

Susumo Azano, as he is called by federal prosecutors, has not been charged. Although Azano lives in Coronado, Calif., as a Mexican national he is prohibited from donating to any American political campaigns.

According to a complaint against Ravneet Singh, owner of ElectionMall Inc., and Ernesto Encinas, a retired police detective, $500,000 of Azano’s money went into a U.S.-based shell company and from there into a Super PAC.

“We are not aware of another example of a similar case,” Peter Carr, a public relations officer at the Justice Department, tells FP’s The Cable. “Super PACs are a new vehicle for political spending.”

“Sex Harassment” Filner (a Democrat), District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis (a Republican), mayoral candidate Nathan Fletcher (a Dem) and a U.S. congressman believed to be Juan Vargas (D-Calif.) are thought to have been the politicians who benefitted from the Super PAC contributions, according to the UT. They all deny any wrongdoing.