10-year-old with no friends finds 1.5 million of them on Facebook


colinWhen a mother of a boy with Asperger’s asked him who he wanted to invite to his 11th birthday party, he had quick answer: ¬†“He said there wasn’t a point because he has no friends,”¬†Jennifer Cunningham reveals on a Facebook page she created to cheer Colin up.

No doubt it will. In less than two weeks, it has prompted 1.56 million likes, heartfelt messages of support from around the world and news reports.

“I would count myself a very blessed person to call you a friend,” writes Brandon Foster, a “proud U.S. Navy sailor.”

“Happy Birthday, Colin, from someone who had a very hard time making friends when I was little,” writes a grandmother.

Some of Colin’s new friends are even sending birthday cards to his home in Richland, Mich.

But his mom wants it to be a surprise.

“Several kids at school told him they saw him on the news, and he overheard a teacher saying to another teacher that she saw him on Facebook,” Jennifer writes in a Facebook update. “He doesn’t know about this page yet.”

His birthday is March 9.

You can visit the Colin’s Facebook page here.