Happy Presidents Day: Take the Jefferson quiz


Starting on Monday, Presidents Day, the University of Virginia and Monticello will start an online class on the Age of Jefferson.

The course, which will run for six weeks, can be taken on Coursera or iTunes U.

Peter Onuf, the university’s Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation professor emeritus, will examine what connects Jefferson’s world to ours.

“This is meant to be a serious course on Jefferson,” says Jeffrey W. Legro, the university’s vice provost for global affairs. “It’s not Jefferson 101.”

And, yes, there will be tests for the non-credit course.

For fun, let’s try a pop quiz on the 3rd president right now. (Click link for the answer.)

1) According to Jefferson’s epitaph, which accomplishment was he most proud of? (Answer)

2) Complete this quote: (Blank) “is a necessary of life.”

3) Jefferson was said to possess “unquestionably the most sophisticated instrument in the United States” at the time. What was the instrument? (Answer)

4) In 1803, Jefferson sent a confidential letter to Congress, seeking funding for the Lewis and Clark expedition. In July-August 1803, where did Lewis oversee construction of a 55-foot keelboat? (Answer)

5) Was Jefferson one of the country’s wealthiest presidents? (Answer) Click here for a list of the 10 richest presidents. Some names on the list may surprise you.