Maps: Deaths caused by road crashes vs. cancer


A study released this month by the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute compares deaths from vehicle crashes with other leading causes in 193 countries.

Two takeaways: 1) Don’t move to Europe if you want to avoid cancer. 2) Move to a small spot with fewer highways to stay alive on the road. (Duh!)

Road crashes
The highest rate by country (45 in Namibia) was 22 times the lowest rate (2 in Maldives). The rate in the United States was 14.

The top 10 most dangerous countries were Namibia, Thailand, Iran, Sudan, Swaziland, Venezuela, Congo, Malawi, Dominican Republic, and Iraq.

The safest places to drive? They’re small: Maldives, Tajikistan, Malta, Fiji, the Marshall Islands, Israel, Tonga, Antigua and Barbuda, the Netherlands, and Switzerland.  (Because not that many people drive there?)

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The study looked at fatalities from malignant neoplasm, aka cancer. For the world, there were 113 fatalities from malignant neoplasm per 100,000. The highest rate by country (318 in Hungary) was 17 times the lowest rate (19 in the United Arab Emirates). The rate in the United States was 189.

The 10 countries with the highest cancer rates were Hungary, Croatia, Denmark, Slovenia, Italy, San Marino, Japan, Latvia, Estonia, and the Czech Republic.

The lowest rates were the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Namibia, Syria, Botswana, Niger, Samoa, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen.

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Finally, a map that looks at fatalities from all causes:

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h/t The Atlantic