Photo: Could glowing antlers prevent deer-car collisions?


glowingantlersAFPYou could even say they glow.

Finnish reindeer breeders have come up with a way to make their animals — and drivers — safe on roads at night, AFP reports.

Finland’s Reindeer Herders’ Association started tested reflective sprays on antlers last week in northern Finland, where about 3,000 to 5,000 road accidents each year are caused by the animals.

“We are hoping that it is so useful that we can use the spray in the entire region and on all reindeer, from young to old,”  Anne Ollila, who heads the group, tells AFP.

Could glowing antlers help prevent collisions here? According to State Farm, Pennsylvania ranks fifth in the nation for deer-vehicle crashes. The chances of a driver striking a deer are 1 in 77.