Video: Returning military dad pops out of box to surprise 3-year-old


Over Presidents Day weekend, a YouTube video from September went viral.

It’s easy to understand why.

Joshua Carr, who declined to specify his rank or branch of service in an interview with Stars & Stripes, was on his second deployment and about to return home from Afghanistan when he had an idea:  Because his daughter, Bridget, was about to celebrate her 3rd birthday, why not turn himself into the present?

JoshuaCarrSurprisesBridgetViaYouTube“It was met with skepticism from my family members at first (worried she would be scared when I popped out), but I insisted and luckily for us everything turned out great. Her reaction was certainly priceless and more than I expected,” Carr says.

How did they pull it off?

“My mother wrapped the box and cut the bottom out,” Carr says, “so when I arrived at my parents house (where my daughter lived while I was deployed), my mom placed the box over me as I crouched down. The hardest part was holding the sides to keep the box from moving. I didn’t want to shake the box too early and scare my daughter.”

Viewers will no doubt get misty-eyed, if not blubber, when they see the delight on Bridget’s face and hear a woman in the background sob.

Bridget hasn’t forgotten about her surprise.

“She still talks about it from time to time. ‘Remember when you were in a box and you surprised me?’ ” Carr says.