500 pound bomb accidentally dropped on Army outpost


In the hills of Paktika province, Afghanistan, last year, U.S. soldiers were being harassed by sniper fire and so battalion headquarters called in an airstrike to take out the Taliban, an unnamed soldier tells Funker530, a website that uploads military videos and photos.

What happened next was recorded on what looks like a helmet-cam. The YouTube video posted by Funker530 has gone viral. (Warning: The soldiers curse repeatedly when they realize how close the bomb dropped.)

The soldiers are watching from a hilltop outpost. “About a half second before impact you could hear the bomb screaming in like I hadn’t ever heard before, and I definitely knew at that point something was off,” the soldier says. “It hit so close to the guys in the tower it actually knocked the fill out of radios.”

No Americans were wounded or killed in what appears to be a friendly fire incident. I say “appears” because the video has not been verified. The Army Times has contacted officials in Afghanistan.

What’s just as fascinating for the civilian viewer is being able to see how the Army sets up an outpost on a ridge line in Afghanistan.