Greenfield digital artist to manufacture ‘average Barbie’


RealBarbieVs.AverageBarbieNickolay Lamm, a digital artist from Greenfield, created a stir last year when he produced images of what the average 19-year-old would look like if she were the model for the iconic Barbie doll.

His Photoshopped picture of the real Barbie ( left) vs. the average Barbie (right) flew across the Internet, prompting much discussion about beauty. And, he says, a lot of kids and parents started asking him: Where can we buy a doll like this?

So he’s teamed up with a former Mattel executive and has decided to manufacture a doll with standard body proportions.

He needs $95,000 for the first run. To raise the money, he’s crowdsourcing.

The doll’s name will be Lammily. (Uh, he might want to rethink that one.)

lammilyShe’s pretty, shorter than Barbie — a brunette with articulated wrists, knees, elbows and feet that make her sporty. If you ask me, she looks like she could be a daughter of Sarah Palin.

He estimates that the first dolls will be available by November, just in time for Christmas. (Well, after all, Lamm did study marketing at the University of Pittsburgh.)

The Trib’s Michael Machosky profiled Lamm here.