Don’t tell your boss: Most psychopaths hold what job?!


According to the book  The Wisdom of Psychopaths: What Saints, Spies, and Serial Killers Can Teach Us About Success, we all can find a spot on a scale of madness. (And I use the first-person plural for a reason.)

One profession, however, seems to attract more psychopaths than most: CEO.

Not that the Big Boss is a serial killer. But he or she is more likely to be callous, uncaring, shallow, glib and selfish with a grandiose sense of self-worth, meeting the psychological definition of “psychopath.”

The same attributes evidently apply to reporters and media personalities — who are so egotistical, we hog two spots on the top 10 list.

The jobs most likely to attract psychopaths are …

1. CEO

2. Lawyer

3. Media (TV/radio)

4. Salesperson

5. Surgeon

6. Journalist

7. Police officer

8. Clergy (!!!)

9. Chef

10. Civil servant

The jobs least likely to be held by nut-jobs are:

1. Care aid

2. Nurse

3. Therapist

4. Craftsperson

5. Beautician/stylist

6. Charity worker

7. Teacher

8. Creative artist

9. Doctor

10. Accountant

h/t Time