Updated: Family says ‘dead’ dog alive, used as blood donor


SidCourtesyofCBSDFWUpdated: It gets worse. The vet admits keeping five dogs alive even though he had told their families that he would euthanize them, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports. One canine was kept in a cage for as many as three years; at least one was denied medical treatment and found “twitching in pain” on the floor. The conditions at the clinic were said to be “deplorable.”  Why didn’t the workers at the veterinary clinic turn him in? Should they be charged, too?

Original post: If true, it’s like something out of a horror movie or sci-fi novel. Think Coma.

Sid, a 4-year-old Leonberger, was suffering from a degenerative spinal defect and needed to be put to sleep, a family in Texas claim they were told by a vet six months ago, the Fort-Worth Star Telegram reports.

But last week, the Harrises say, they were contacted by a veterinary technician who said that she’d left her job at the clinic because animals were being abused — in filthy cages 24/7. Sid wasn’t dead, she said.

He was being kept alive to give other dogs blood, according to the Harrises’ attorney. Continue reading


Taco Bell’s taco filling is 88% beef. What’s in the 12%?


tacobellTaco Bell has a cure for the common question: What’s inside my taco?

It’s been known for a few years now that the taco filling was 88 percent beef and 12 percent “signature recipe.”

It turns out that the fast-food chain has been proudly announcing ingredients for all its menu items on its website since about the time a lawsuit over its food quality was withdrawn, but for some reason the “not-so-secret recipe” went viral today.

Your taco is filled with … Continue reading


The list Pittsburgh doesn’t want to be on


The American Lung Association in its annual report on the most polluted metropolitan areas names Pittsburgh-New Castle-Weirton as No. 6, that’s up two places from last year.


Map illustrations by Mark Byrnes via The Atlantic Cities

I doubt that we can go even higher on the list next year. California population centers grab the top spots.

Some of the cleanest cities are … Continue reading


Honey, Pope Francis wants to speak to you


According to unconfirmed reports in Italian and Argentine news outlets, the pope has controversy on the line.

It’s a scenario that’s been played out over the world for decades:

She’s been married for 19 years to a divorced man and they have two kids. They’re Catholic, so it was a civil cermony. Church teaching  prohibits the divorced from marrying again. But they’re religious and attend Mass. Problem is: Whenever she wants to receive Communion, her parish priest tells her no way because she’s “living in sin” with a divorced man.

This couple happens to be from Argentina. Six months ago, the wife, Jacquelina Sabetta Lisbona, decided to write a letter to the man who used to be Jorge Bergoglio, the old archbishop of Buenos Aires. What would happen, Jacquelina asked him, if she were to go to a parish where no one knew her and receive Communion there? Would she be violating church rules? Continue reading


Yikes! W.Pa. prominent in landslide map


CourtesyofNationalGeographicOur region’s clay and shale layer perform poorly during heavy rain and can make our hillsides take a tumble, according to National Geographic, which used data collected by NASA’s Global Landslide Catalog to plot landslides from 2007 to 2013.

The good news, as Adam Smeltz noted in the Trib this month, is that experts say the landslides here are unlikely to be catastrophic.

To click on NG’s map, go here.

SOURCE: DALIA B. KIRSCHBAUM, GLOBAL LANDSLIDE CATALOG (GLC), NASA; Data Copyright © 2014 United States Government as represented by the Administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. All Rights Reserved. Note: GLC does not represent a comprehensive list of landslides; it helps identify significant location and time patterns.


Principal advises kids: ‘Do NOT tell on bullies’


NebraskaRulesWhen bullying in schools is such a hot topic, it’s easy to understand why a principal would tell 5th-graders what the “9 rules” are in the classroom or on the playground.

But parents in Lincoln, Neb., were shocked to read a flier that was slipped into the students’ folders and sent home on Tuesday, the Lincoln Journal Star reports.

Moms and Dads were especially troubled two of the rules … Continue reading