Most affordable cities to retire? Pittsburgh in Top 10


Just in time for David Letterman’s retirement, his network has found the Top 10 places where he can enjoy his golden years.

A recent Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate survey on the retirement dreams of baby boomers finds that 39 percent are focused on a bucolic lifestyle while 26 would like to go urban.

To determine what places would offer a mix of city and country — as well as favorable tax rates and median home prices — CBS News crunched the numbers from the Tax Foundation, Census Bureau and Zillow.

The Top 10? Drum roll, please …

With only 10.2 percent of income going to taxes, a cost of living at 8.5 percent below national average and a median home price of $119,600: Pittsburgh

Decatur, Alabama
Clarksville, Tenn.
Corpus Christi/Rockport
Alexandria, Louisiana
Aiken, S. Carolina

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