Principal advises kids: ‘Do NOT tell on bullies’


NebraskaRulesWhen bullying in schools is such a hot topic, it’s easy to understand why a principal would tell 5th-graders what the “9 rules” are in the classroom or on the playground.

But parents in Lincoln, Neb., were shocked to read a flier that was slipped into the students’ folders and sent home on Tuesday, the Lincoln Journal Star reports.

Moms and Dads were especially troubled two of the rules …

No. 7: Do not tell on bullies. The number one reason bullies hate their victims is because the victims tell on them. Telling makes the bully want to retaliate. Tell an adult only when a real injury or crime (theft of something valuable) has occurred. Would we keep our friends if we tattled on them?

No. 9: Learn to laugh at yourself and not get “hooked” by put-downs. Make a joke out of it or agree with the put-down. For example: “If you think I’m ugly, you should see my sister!” “You’re right, and it’s going to get worse!: I’ve know [sic] that for a long time.” “Thanks for noticing!” “If you think I look like a nerd, you should see my dad!”

Parents with kids in Lincoln schools went ballistic on Facebook, and as word got out other parents chimed in.

The outrage was summed up by a guy from Los Angeles: “9 Rules for getting the crap kicked out of you,” he posted.

“If my kid came home with this tripe, I would be at the school the next morning. After beating up the principal in front of teachers and students, I would remind him to not be a sore loser, not to tell on me (nobody likes a tattletale), and to learn to laugh at himself,” a dad from Texas fumed in a post.

“1970 called, they want their flier back,” a mom joked.

By Wednesday, Lincoln Public Schools issued an apology and linked to “The Facts About Bullying,”  which includes more practical advice such as “teach  your child there is safety in numbers;”  “do not minimize or make excuses for bullying behaviors;” and — shocker — “if bullying happens at school, contact a school staff member.”

h/t CBS News