The list Pittsburgh doesn’t want to be on


The American Lung Association in its annual report on the most polluted metropolitan areas names Pittsburgh-New Castle-Weirton as No. 6, that’s up two places from last year.


Map illustrations by Mark Byrnes via The Atlantic Cities

I doubt that we can go even higher on the list next year. California population centers grab the top spots.

Some of the cleanest cities are … also in the West, among them Salinas, CAPrescott, AZCheyenne, WYFarmington, NMCasper, WY; and St. George, UT — not only much less polluted but much less crowded than their filthy sisters.

I’ve lived in the smoggy environs of California, and you can see the murky, yellow/brown haze hover in a holding pattern over the L.A. basin, and feel the irritation in your throat. I haven’t noticed the same sensations here.

h/t The Atlantic Cities