Dinosaurs still live! scientists prove


A green-crested dinosaur birdSmall is beautiful.

Not all dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago, they just adapted, Oxford University scientists report in Public Library of Science Biology.

The researchers studied 426 dinosaur species and discovered how they underwent a rapid reduction in size and took flight.

That’s right, some dinosaurs evolved into birds.

The origin of birds has been known for a while thanks to a plethora of Mesozoic-aged fossils. The Guardian examined the dinosaur in your backyard (above) last year.

But the latest study “is a very impressive piece of work and by far the most comprehensive analysis of dinosaur body size that has been conducted,”  Stephen Brusatte, a paleontologist at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, tells Science. “The study shows that birds didn’t just become small suddenly, but were the end product of a long-term trend of body size decline that took many tens of millions of years.”

h/t The Telegraph