Gay marriage protest: Man seeks right to marry Macbook


ChrisSevierViaFacebook“A former judge advocate and combat veteran” has filed motions in two states on behalf of “other minority sexual orientation groups” to protest gay marriage.

In  court documents filed in Utah and Florida, Chris Sevier of Tennessee (right) claims he has fallen in love with his porn-filled Apple computer.

“The true question presented here is whether traditional marriage is a relationship that is ‘stand alone’ and unequal to all other forms of sexual and spiritual unions,” Sevier writes.

“Chris Sevier has moved to intervene, apparently asserting he wishes to marry his computer,” Judge Robert Hinkle ruled last month. “Perhaps the motion is satirical. Or perhaps it is only removed from reality. Either way, the motion has no place in this lawsuit.”

Sevier evidently enjoys the controversy. In the past, he has sued Apple over online porn and A&E over how it handled the suspension of Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson and he sued and “nonsuited” a case against Bill O’Reilly.

If he does like the attention, he’s gotten his wish. His story of “online mating” has gone viral.