Moose — and cows — attack dog walkers


A moose charged two women on Sunday who were walking their dogs in a Gilpin County, Colo., subdivision, and then kept attacking them, according to CBSDenver.

“All of a sudden, I looked up and he was looking right at me, grunted and then charged … with his head down,”  Jacqui Boron says. “When his head was down, he got me in the chest and that threw me back.” When the 50-year-old fell, the moose injured her  arm; when she curled up, he kicked her in the head. She finally managed to get behind a tree, which officials say probably saved her life.

Her friend, Ellen Divis, 57, was kicked by the beast but escaped and summoned help.

“I heard, ‘Help me, help me, help me,’ ” neighbor Chris Hockley tells KDVR. “This lady comes running covered in blood … ‘He’s still hurting her, he’s still hurting her!’ she was saying.”

Both women ended up in the hospital. Boron was bashed and bruised, needing 10 staples in her head and a 15 stitches in her leg. Divis is listed in fair condition in intensive care.

But they were luckier than Peter Jakeman, an Englishman who was walking across a field in Derbyshire with his wife last week when he was trampled by cows and killed. The retiree was 62, the Daily Mail reports.

Experts say the same thing spurred both attacks:  dogs. Jakeman had his cocker spaniels with him.

To moose, the dog may as well be a wolf, their predator. “They do not like having dogs anywhere near them, so very often they will try and stomp the dog or will actually follow the dog,” says Jennifer Churchill, a Colorado Parks and Wildlife spokeswoman.

British experts advise dog walkers to let go of the leash if they feel threatened, and step back slowly and quietly from the cow.